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•Library of Congress

Europeana - a place for inspiration and ideas. Search through the cultural collections of Europe, connect to other user pathways and share your discoveries

Digital History UH Include a U.S. history textbook; over 400 annotated documents from the Gilder Lehrman Collection, supplemented by primary sources on slavery, Mexican American, Asian American, and Native American history, and U.S. political, social, and legal history; succinct essays on the history of film, ethnicity, private life, and technology; multmedia exhibitions; and reference resources that include a database of annotated links, classroom handouts, chronologies, glossaries, an audio archive including speeches and book talks by historians, and a visual archive with hundreds of historical maps and images.

National Archives

Founders Online Correspondence and other writings of six major shapers of the United States: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams (and family), Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison. Over 119,000 searchable documents, fully annotated, from the authoritative Founding Fathers Papers projects.


The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

CIA - Freedom of Information FBI- Freedom of Information Act Reading Room
THOMAS: Legislative Informaiton on the Internet Government Resources on the Web (comprehensive) (University of Michigan Documents Center)
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. CT Register & Manual
US Historical Documents Index - A Chronology The Public Record of the Colony of Connecticut 1636-1776
American Memory - Historical Collections for the National Digital Library  
Wooster Pages with Primary Source Links for Class Projects
Columbus 1492 vs. 1992 Slavery 1848 to 1861
University Primary Source Sites
University of Virginia/Modern English - electronic texts Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Avalon World History Project - Yale Law School U. S. Historical Documents
Carrie Electronic Library of Primary Historical Documents U.S. History/Literature - classic texts
Victoria Research Web: 19th-Century Britain American Studies Web: Historical and Archival Resources
Yale University Library Primary Sources Research- using primary sources and links Making of America  -  library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction.
The Near East Collection at Yale University  
Primary Sources on Special Topics
Holocaust Museum Exploring Amistad
Mayflower Website Lewis & Clark - The Archive
Archiving Early America Salem Witchcraft Papers
Liberty! The American Revolution EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents
Colonial Williamsburg Connecticut History Online - Photographs, Prints & Drawings about Connecticut's History
HistoryBuff provides Online Newspaper Archives - scanned versions of newspaper articles from 1700 on. The collection is very selective, but covers key historical events.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Clamen's Political Archives - international historical documents collection
US Civil War: Primary Sources


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