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Learning is Easy!

Web 2.0 Smackdown - And the winners are ...


  • Poll Everywhere (www.polleverywhere). A commercial service that lets you create free classroom-size polls (up to 30 responses). Text or input responses via the Web, then download the results to a spreadsheet, import into PowerPoint, or place on a Web page as a widget.
  • Animoto (www.animoto.com). This guaranteed crowd-pleaser makes it so easy to create cool video productions from your photos and music, you'll feel like you're cheating. A free educator version allows for unlimited student use.
  • VoiceThread (www.voicethread.com). Another creative way to make media slideshows, but with a more pedagogical flavor. Viewers can comment by voice, text, or video, in true interactive style. There are both free and enhanced versions just for educators.
  • Skype (www.skype.com). Connect students from across the globe with this free Internet telephone app. With the videoconferencing feature, host panel discussions, oral reports, or classroom collaboration.
  • ChaCha (www.chacha.com). Provides free mobile answers to your questions. Use your cell phone to text or call ChaCha, and an actual researcher sends a reply. Who knows how long this service will stay free. In the meantime, a great resource.
  • Jott (www.jott.com). This cell-phone oriented service allows you to record messages, which are then transcribed and available to send as a text message. The extra features are no longer free, but the free basic is still a killer app.
  • Weebly (www.weebly.com). Create a very professional-looking Web site or blog in minutes using this simple, but extremely powerful program. The sleeper hit of the year, I predict. Free, with an inexpensive pro version offering upgraded features.
  • Qipit (www.qipit.com) converts a digital image of your notes, documents, or whiteboards into a PDF, stores them in your account, and sends you a copy. Snap your notes with the digi-camera on your cell and email yourself the file rather than spend hours transcribing. Currently free.


Tools For Teachers - General Resources

Differentation In Instruction

Helpful Web Sites That Support Differentiated Instruction (K-12)


Resources from LeAnn Nickelsen


WebQuests - A webquest is an interactive learning activity; provides a variety of ways to promote higher order thinking skills by integrating the Internet into the classroom program.

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